Site Clearance

Over the last year we received more and more enquiries from people who needed to clear trees and hedgerows to make way for road development and construction.

The old system was to pull everything down, push it into a heap and set fire to it. This was obviously harmful to the environment and is now illegal and involves hefty fines.
Now we have a specially-adapted machine to fell this timber and bring it to an accessible area. Where we will chip the timber and remove it. This machine is based on low ground pressure tyres so it does minimum damage to the ground. This leaves fields and sites free from piles of bushes.

Site Clearance

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This machine can carry out coppicing of your over-grown hedge rows, eliminate a lot of chainsaw work and the heaps of rotting bushes in the corners of fields.

Building contractors & site owners

If you have trees and hard woods blocking developments, we at Worrell Harvesting Ltd will clear them for you, offering you a complete felling and removal service.


We have 20 years experience in the Forestry Industry and place great emphasis on the supervision and control of all sites. In conjunction with the forest manager we carry out a civil culture thinning to ensure that forestry owners achieve maximum return over the lifetime of their plantations