Dried Firewood

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint?
Heating your home with firewood is better for the environment and also cheaper when compared to fuels such as oil…so everybody wins!

All our firewood originates from Irish forests.
The timber is then allowed to dry for a year to reduce the moisture content. This reduced moisture content makes it easier to light, and it also produces more heat.


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Our firewood is cut and split into convenient lengths, so that is it is ready for use straight away. If different lengths are needed, this can be catered for.

So you see, we help you by providing firewood and you help the environment by heating your home with carbon neutral fuel. When a tree is growing, it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere and when it burns it releases it back into the atmosphere again. Where as coal, oil and peat only releases CO2 into the atmosphere and does not absorb any back, thus increasing CO2 in the atmosphere.

It is important to store firewood with care. As our firewood is very dry, if the firewood is exposed to the elements for to long, it will absorb back moisture. It should be kept off the ground where possible, and out of the rain.

We sell our firewood in bulk for houses, restaurants, hotels etc.

Delivery service also available.

Our prices include:
Per tractor bucket load for only €40 for softwoods & €60 for hardwoods.
Call the office for further details on 045-529574.


We have 20 years experience in the Forestry Industry and place great emphasis on the supervision and control of all sites. In conjunction with the forest manager we carry out a civil culture thinning to ensure that forestry owners achieve maximum return over the lifetime of their plantations