Woodchip - Biomass

Why Woodchips? Energy from Nature.
Worrell wood chips – the cleaner greener option

Fossil fuels are expensive, environmentally unfriendly and are becoming depleted. We rely on fossil fuels to provide 90% of our energy.

This creates high CO2 emissions and puts Ireland in a position of having to pay heavy penalties under the Kyoto Protocol.

Why Woodchips are a good option


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Home produced

Carbon neutral

Clean, non-polluting


Environmentally friendly

We deliver nationwide with walking floors or tipping trailers. Moisture content are available from 15% to 60%. We have a large supply of logs and woodchip in stock, therefore we have security in supply. Our woodchip is sourced from pine and spruce from local forests.

Over the past few years we as a company, a people, a nation have come to understand and appreciate the valuable assets we have around us – our atmosphere and our land. Our atmosphere needs to be protected from the harmful emissions caused by fossil fuels.

For decades now, we have become accustomed to using oil and other fossil fuels as a source of heating for our homes and industry. As the reserves of oil are being depleted and oil is becoming more expensive, new sources of energy must be used. Wood chip is a natural product derived from trees grown in our forests.


We have 20 years experience in the Forestry Industry and place great emphasis on the supervision and control of all sites. In conjunction with the forest manager we carry out a civil culture thinning to ensure that forestry owners achieve maximum return over the lifetime of their plantations